a night in luján de cuyo 

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DEDICATION: “This story and performance are dedicated to the “Give Her Wings” campaign, an ongoing fundraiser to help save the Alas de Colibrí Foundation, a non-profit organization combating human trafficking in Ecuador. Since 2012, The Alas de Colibrí Foundation (ACF), or Hummingbird Wings Foundation has been working to support vulnerable populations through various human rights focused projects with an emphasis on human trafficking and human mobility. Alas de Colibrí’s protection house, known as El Nido (or The Nest) provides comprehensive care to survivors of sexual exploitation in a safe, temporary, group home setting in which young women can feel open and empowered to become active participants in protecting their own human rights. This safe home is one of only two aftercare homes in the entire country specifically prepared to support the healing of female, adolescent, survivors of sex slavery.”

the classroom - a jean lamont short

momma's hands


"I eventually stopped going to the prayer circles, not because of doubt. But, because one time I promise you a student was by all accounts possessed by the devil. No, I swear to God I watched that shit. He was running around the class growling and screaming, pulled right out of an episode of Supernatural, like Season 5 when that shit was popping."

madden curse

:60 “most embarrASSing moment…”


:60 “prom night”