If you are on this page you probably already know my name is Jacoby Cochran. When asked to describe myself the first thing out of my mouth is that I'm born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. Honestly, after that I am not sure what the hell to say next. Currently, I am a performer, actor, and professor! This year I've taken the stage at Laugh Factory, Steppenwolf Theatre, and the Museum of Contemporary art to name a few, while teaching at City Colleges, DePaul, & Cook County Jail. I am also honored to be one of the host for The Moth Live in Chicago at Lincoln Hall, Evanston Space, & The Promontory. 

This website exists to document and explore my own artistic journey as I jump headfirst into my passions whether that's voiceover work , to cannabis cuisine w/ Infuzion, to shooting films outside my childhood homes. I hope you follow along for the ride through my often improvised stories blending humor, heartbreak, and the intersectional musings of a nihilist black dude from Chicago.